Last night, as I caught myself grumbling about my lack of accomplishment over the weekend and I didn’t understand why I had gotten very little done. My list was full of great intentions, yet life seemed to happen, taking over my well-organized plan.

As the sky grew dark Sunday night, it hit me and I was reminded of all that I had done those past 48 hours.

I didn’t realize that I had played what felt like nearly 100 games of pig at the basketball hoop, had the upstairs toilet papered by creative my five-year old, hatched a Hatchimal, trimmed the dog, attended the school carnival, mowed the yard, played countless games of hopscotch, had entertaining conversations with my teen, desperately missed my girl in heaven, did five loads of dishes, visited with my mom, cleaned off the back porch, watched my son’s baseball game, repaired the trampoline, attended an online writing class, spent time in prayer, listened to my children sing in unison “Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me” over and over, and lastly,  rescued peter rabbit from the tight clenches of the dog’s teeth.  And that’s just a snapshot.  Oh…My…Gosh…. How could I have missed all this?

I had taken these moments for granted, not appreciating the importance of what was taking place.  In retrospect, I guess I was pretty busy.  Busy making memories, sharing laughs and love. In fact, I had actually accomplished a lot. I received a much-needed reminder to…Slow Down…

So, just know all your intentions are noted and it’s okay if you didn’t get anything checked off your list.  When you feel unaccomplished, take a look back.  See how far you’ve come and what you’ve done.  There is a life to be lived and meaning to be found in every moment.

P.S. The laundry can wait!

On the journey with you~






Header Photo by Blaise Vonlanthen on Unsplash


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