Stepping out in faith can be quite the challenge.  Let’s be real. Leaving our own comfort zone while walking into the frightening unknown is not that attractive.  People could make fun of us, we are vulnerable and could fail.  How embarrassing that would be.  However, if we don’t try, we will never know our greatest potential.  This is where we test our limits and find our capabilities. This is how we grow, by stepping out in faith.

A few weeks ago, a member of the church approached me after the service.  She walked towards me as I was helping pick up hymnals and stack chairs, when out came her soft voice.

“I just want to say thank you for sharing your story.  It really hit home and was so moving and hopeful, a wonderful testimony of faith.”

I was grateful. This was so unexpected.

I reached out my arms and welcomed an embrace, while saying thank you.  She further explained that it was very powerful for her family to hear as she had lost a sister in an accident many years ago.  With tears in my eyes I hugged her, offering my condolences, while her husband told me how my words inspired him.  My heart was full and satisfied.

What propelled me to do such a thing? Well, it wasn’t me I will tell you that.   It was Christmas Eve service at our church, and instead of the traditional service, the pastor had asked us to share our gifts to Jesus. There would be no sermon or regular program, instead members of the congregation would share something honoring Him.  The question was written on a flyer in the bulletin for several weeks prior, attempting to get everyone thinking about how they could give back to Jesus.  This immediately caught my attention and I knew exactly how I could share my love for Jesus and all He had done for me.

However, preparing a testimony to speak out loud in front the entire church terrified me. I am not one to be put on the spot, and despite my attempts to talk myself out of it for weeks, the Holy Spirit kept nudging me, reminding me why I was doing this.  I could have doubted and ignored this call, however, inside I knew it was time to step out in faith, take Jesus out of my pocket where he remained for so long, acknowledge Him and put Him on display.

I was a nervous wreck. When I Christmas Eve morning, I still tried to rationalize excuses for not doing it. Finally realizing how ridiculous that would be, I said a silent prayer, asking for strength and confidence to get through this with ease. I knew I couldn’t do this on my own, nor would I. Standing in my grey winter coat, clothed in my red holiday sweater, I walked down the aisle and up the steps to stand in front of the podium.

The silence and stares were intimidating and scary.  Yikes!!


Trembling, I unfolded my papers and began to speak. My voice fluctuated and stalled.  After a few minutes, I sank into a rhythm, effortlessly sharing and believing what I had written.  It was incredible.

After all He had done for me, this was the least I could do for Him.  Before I knew it, I had done it.  Wow!  Now, I felt energized and my heart was full.  I even felt confident to do more.  Many others approached me afterward, expressing their love and gratitude.

It seemed silly to me how reluctant I was to entertain the idea of sharing what He had done for me.  How selfish and doubting that was of me.  It was a humbling reminder of the need to focus on the meaning of life and His will for me. I needed Him and could not survive without Him.  After all, He had rescued me in my darkest time.

There is power in our words, incredible healing power. By sharing our stories and letting others know they are not alone, they can understand and relate, which often provides sparks of encouragement and motivation that will leave a lasting impact on their heart.

Despite horrific tragedy, love still remains and hope still exists. Life changing faith and unwavering trust allows His light to shine through you.  When the power of God is within you, nothing is impossible.

So set those fears aside. Step out in faith.  If I can, so can you!

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