Ellie’s Way-Spreading Hope and Healing on The Sweeter Side

Surprised by what came in the mail, I couldn’t wait to get home to open the package.  I was nervous, yet excited, and not quite sure of what I would find inside. Carefully, I lifted the lid, opening the box ever so gently.  At first glance, my eyes observed a box full of gifts that… Read More

Thank You Jesus…

Thank you Jesus!  What a wonderful Psalm, giving us hope. A photo of our last trip to the ocean, about two months before the accident.    Love this girl..Her love for life just glows in every picture.. I’m so thankful she is safe, happy, and rejoicing in Heaven.

Learning To Recognize Joy In Chaos

First, a glimpse into my life yesterday evening.. It started with two little ones giggling loudly while running laps around house in their underwear. Another was riding Clarke the stick horse rapidly in circles and the redhead was holding a pink stuffed dog chasing the kid on the horse while barking. Then, I heard a… Read More

Hope and Memories in 2015

Hi friends…. I took a few days off to enjoy family and friends during Christmas, which was nice, yet proving a bit challenging to get back into the swing of things.  My days were filled with adventure and excitement, from roasting hot dogs in the snow to rescuing a teddy bear being flushed down the… Read More

November Blessings

Sweet November? More like bittersweet for me…November holds immense meaning in my heart as it is the month that both of my daughters were born.  Every year during this month I overflow with thankfulness, yet deep inside the ache of the hurt remains. Lydia was born on November 27. Yes, just a few days away.… Read More