If you’re anything like me, after suffering a devastating loss, you struggle to find new meaning in life, not to mention, finding who you are again. You are forever changed and not the same person you once were.   For the past couple of years, I have become so intrigued with others that have suffered losses and how their loss has shaped their lives and impacted others. I know how it has transformed my life and changed me in so many ways. Throughout my research, my list of those incredible people and things that have impacted lives has gotten quite long, that I just had to start sharing the wonderful things happening in the world.

As I find myself sitting here writing this blog, wrapped in my daughters blue sequin scarf, the scarf that is hugging my neck, much like her arms used to wrap around me so lovingly, I remember how she used to wear it often while she danced around the house singing to music well beyond her years. It provides a sense of warmth and comfort, like the kind that we all need and crave at times.  Writing about these inspirational people and stories fills the depth of my soul, warming my heart, like hot chocolate on a winter day. Sometimes it’s just what one needs to be thankful and appreciate how wonderful life can be.

Today’s story is one that brings a smile to my face, just imagining the feeling that those families have, knowing their burdens are being lifted by Todd’s Fund.

Todd’s Fund, Giving Smiles and Hope to Children in Need,  has changed the lives of thousands of people, started because of one man.  Christopher Todd Pitman passed away during the World Trade Center attack on 9/11/01.  Located in New York, in 2002, Todd’s Fund was created by family and friends as a way to honor his generosity and love of life.  Todd’s fund provides financial assistance to families with minor children who have been impacted by some type of life changing tragedy, illness, or accident.

From scouting trips for kids, back-to-school clothes shopping,  assistance for eye glasses and braces, to providing transportation for a single mom, these are just a few of the thousands of people helped by Todd’s Fund.  In the past 10 years, Todd’s Fund has given more than $750,000 in aid and educational support to over 1,700 children in Central New York.  WOW !


This is Incredible and nearly leaves one speechless to think of all the lives touched and changed forever, because of Todd. Because He Lived!

Visit http://www.todsfund.org



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