The past couple of weeks have been full of non-stop action, leaving little time for writing and an ample amount of time for cattle and critters. Every day brings adventure in my home, so I thought I would share another snapshot of some of the craziness my days consist of, in addition to the inspirational gumdrop of grief.

My kids are always racing around the house. Not too long ago, my little ginger haired 4 yr old went running by the dining room table chasing his ball, when a full pan of homemade cornbread came tumbling to the ground.

He looked at me and said, “What? I was getting my ball,”  like it was no big deal.

Did I mention that this was immediately after he attempted to pour himself a glass of grape juice when the cup tipped over mid-pour? Thus, grape juice was everywhere, table, floor, chair and multiple other places…

Before I could get this cleaned up, I looked up, attempting to scrub the juice out of the rug, when I see that little Johnny had decided to see how fast the maple syrup emptied from the bottle after he was done with his waffle. Sticky syrup was oozing all over the table at a snail’s pace , dripping onto the floor… Trying to get syrup out of a rug=not fun!

I clean it up, the three kids now sitting at their table, content for the moment, and focus on my writing briefly. Then suddenly, a loud crash…The plate with waffles comes crashing down, breaking into tiny pieces, thanks to that  adorable little toddler of mine.

What else could happen? It’s completely real and laughable in the moment after the teeth gritting frustration wears off.  These are typical days that leave me cautiously expecting the worse for the following day, as nothing seems able to top the present moment.

Seriously…you can’t make this stuff up..can’t wait to see what the next week will bring..stay tuned!

Nothing beats a day outside in the cool, fresh desert air.  After recently moving back to my hometown, I was quietly reminded how much I had missed it.

I spent many days during past two weeks helping my aunt on the ranch.  We vaccinated and separated over 60 head of cattle one day. Any opportunity I have to be outside working, I don’t hesitate one moment for a chance to get back to my roots.

My older boys arrived  later in the afternoon with grandma to help feed cows but promptly upon entering the pasture began a horse manure fight between them.  Watching them from a distance, as I was about to end their fun, I could hear their deep belly laughs and just smiled.   What fun to be a kid!kids with cows

So, amidst the cows and mud, I have a lot of time to reflect on my life while knee-deep in the pasture as I watch my boys peer through the gate at me and commence the fun and amusement of horse manure.

knee deep in manure, muddy bootsIt is then, I am reminded of an organization and one brave mom. Please visit her at



All children deserve to feel joy and delight in the pure innocence and wonder of childhood. Children are a precious gift from God.

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