Well guys, I did it.  I completed the daunting task of emptying my house so a new family could move in. I must admit, I was a bit jealous and territorial thinking of people living in my home.  Closing one chapter and starting another. It was a long exhausting week full of surprises, laughs and many tears.

Trying to load the truck and pack while three little monkeys invaded my house, was unsuccessful.  Here are a couple of pictures and examples of their hilarious antics and incessant interruptions. Needless to say, I had to get rid of them temporarily so things could get done!

kids in tote, moving, children


Just when I turned my back, the monsters packed themselves in the totes, laughing hysterically.  Did I mention this was right before I spotted black sharpie marker designs on the wood floor!  Thank goodness for Dawn soap to the rescue!

My son wanted to spend some time with his best buddy before we left in a few days and they wanted to see a movie.  In order to give my husband and father in law some peace while loading the trailer, I had the bright idea to take the older boys and the little critters to the theater.

Whenever I go to the movies, which seems to be a rare treat these days, I am always a sucker for a pretzel with cheese. So, I ordered one, got the kids their popcorn and drinks and went to find a seat.  Baby John hopped on my lap and the movie began.  We made it through the previews and about 20 minutes into the show before baby got restless and decided he needed to go exploring in the dark.

So what does he do? He squirmed and kicked, toppling my cheese and pretzel dish onto the floor, but making sure that the warm cheese made a large imprint on my jeans and seat. It was too dark to see the extent of the damage but I could feel the cheesy substance with my hands.  He then took off down the steps in attempt to find his older brother seated a few rows in front.

At this point, I figured the movie to be a lost cause, so I scrambled in the  darkness trying to grab my purse, water and coat, hoping to move fast before the monster could cause more of a raucous.

It didn’t take long before he found his brother and started repeating ”Mom,” Mom” and laughing in his one tone which is always LOUD.

With my belongings in hand, I got up quickly, stepped out of the seat and my water bottle went thumping loudly down the steps. Seriously? It couldn’t get much worse.

Then what do I do?

I tripped. Not a small trip, a HUGE trip, over what I don’t know, probably my feet and fell down two steps while trying to get the water bottle and silence the loud baby.  Meanwhile, my big boy is yelling “Mom, come get the baby.”

Thank goodness it was dark. Completely embarrassed, I composed myself enough to scoop up the baby and my daughter and made a run for the door thinking to myself, “Get out fast, don’t look up, just go!”

Well, I guess that’s what I get for taking a toddler to a movie.

After we were safely in the car, I was finally able to relax.  I thought to myself,  “Why does this stuff always happen to me?”  It seems I have been plagued with a moderate affliction of clumsiness my entire life.

I laughed the other day when a friend stated she had a morning of complete “Daphne moments.”  She recalled those frequent times I would arrive at work, appearing to have been through a disaster.  Most mornings, I would look put together and professional in my clean attire, and yet by the time I got to work, I was either covered in milk, throw up, hot chocolate, mud, or something else ruffling up my appearance.

So after a number of frustrated years, I’ve learned to accept it, no need to get upset. Chaos, craziness, and disasters shouldn’t really surprise me. It’s just how life is for me and now, I welcome it!   So if you ever see me looking somewhat frayed, you will know it’s just a normal day!    I’m was glad my clumsiness has rubbed off on others!   🙂

So, onto the end of my week…

I couldn’t bring myself to leave the house.. The thought of that final goodbye was haunting me. I remember the first night, Jake, Lydia and I had in the house when we first moved in.  We were a new family of three and we snuggled in an empty bedroom on a mattress on the floor.

And here it was now, ten years later. The last night…Now, all six of us were camped out downstairs on mattresses, my oldest wanting to hold my hand as he drifted off to sleep. I held his hand giving him the comfort and security he needed as we began our last memory in the house.



I had dreaded this day for over five years, more so, the past week when I knew the final goodbye would arrive.   I took pictures of everything. Every little sticker she put on the wall, her sparkles and feathers on the carpet, the views from out the windows, as well as the many little notes we found.


My  husband and I were packing up the storage area under the stairs with hesitation, as this was a door that hadn’t been opened in nearly five years. It contained those sacred items from her memorial service.  We conquered it together and found a few little treasures as well.  Beautiful pictures that brought tears as well as a special note for her dad fell to the floor at an unexpected moment.

Walking down the stairs for the last time, I stopped on the landing halfway down and looked back up. From here, I had the perfect view into Lydia’s room, or (what was her room.)…I couldn’t bring myself to keep going downstairs and out the door, knowing this would be the last time I would be in the room that she touched, lived, breathed in and decorated in her crazy style….No doubt about it, I would miss it….


Then it happened…I broke down….I found myself clenching my sweatshirt tightly, as my knuckles turned white, scared to let go.   Paralyzed with fear and sadness, I  fell to my knees sobbing uncontrollably, afraid of letting go, afraid to leave that place of familiarity and comfort. I peeked through my teary eyes at her room, reminiscing of all the wonderful memories that filled this house.  And then I knew…

She was with me..She is with me.…God is with me.. Always…He has opened doors and has made our new path known…Deep in my heart, I know that moving was the right thing to do for the family, but definitely the most difficult.

As I grabbed the last two things of hers from the kitchen cupboard, her green headband and her pink necklace, I walked out the door and didn’t look back.




Now seems a fitting time to share about Lydia’s Love.  We started a non-profit in memory of Lydia in 2011 with the guidance of the almighty God.  Lydia’s Love, provides birthday celebrations to children living in homeless shelters.  To date, we are nearing the milestone of celebrating 100 birthdays for these amazing children.  The joy that comes from seeing children smile and bringing joy during trying times, is priceless.


lydia's love


Facebook-  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lydias-Love/215956515113917?ref=hl


We are so thankful that Lydia is able to bless children in need by celebrating their lives during the most difficult times and so thankful for all of you, my followers and supporters along this road less traveled.







4 thoughts on “Theaters, Moving and Treasured Memories

  1. Thanks Daphe for taking us along on your journey. It helps us realize we are not alone. It keeps Lydia alive for us, not in some room in some house, but in our hearts, where she can live forever. Love you.

    1. Oh Marla, thanks so much for reading! Your words brought tears to my eyes! I still have that first card you gave me when I found out I was going to have this precious baby. She changed my life in such an amazing way and will forever be a part of me. Love lots!

  2. Your story touched me so. I went through the same goodbye when I sold my home that my son Troy loved in with me during his divorce and again during his illness. When I left my home to start to live without him it was five years after he died of cancer at age 36.

    1. Thank you Charlee for your kind words. I too am sorry that you have experienced the devastating loss of your son. There really are no words to describe the emptiness we feel. Prayers for your continued comfort and peace along this journey.

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