Monday began our 10 day adventure in making our final move from the old house.  Our long and grueling car ride over the mountain earlier this week  proved to be nothing short of spectacular, as they usually are.   We stopped for a bathroom break two hours into the trip and the boys gave into temptation and a snowball fight ensued. I should have known.  I had just finished changing the baby when suddenly a cold wetness slid down my back and giggling echoed from behind the car. 

boys playing in snow
Not so innocent!

With frustration,  I told the boys to settle down, get in the car and get buckled up. Not five minutes after we were on the road again,  I was hit with an object  right in the side of the head, catching the corner of my eye.

What was it?   Turned out to be a flying wet diaper…Thanks to my little red-haired ball of fire, I only saw stars for a brief moment. Six-hour car rides with four kids are always an adventure. Gotta love them but boy, my patience is tested daily.

We grabbed a quick dinner at the drive through, arrived at the house and seated the kids at the bar to eat.  Before mealtime was over,  we had orange juice flowing over from the island to the stool, onto the floor with no towel to clean it up with. Then, it never fails at just the right moment,  my husband called to check on the kids and in an attempt to answer the phone, my darling daughter dropped my cell phone in a pile of ketchup, resulting in less than perfect speakers on the phone…Guess I may be using that upgrade sooner than I planned.

Well, as my moving and packing commenced this week I was offered so much help by my children. They were nice gestures, just not the most productive.  The kids have enjoyed playing and spending time in what is left of their sister’s room.  From toys and blankets, to dress up clothes and jewelry, they have enjoyed being in her space.

I have tried over the years to let them get to know their sister.  Three of them were born after Lydia passed away and they have many questions.  Despite her absence, her presence is very much everywhere we go. We tell stories about her and let her siblings know just how special she was.

The sibling relationship is very important even so after they pass away.   Learning to cope with the death of your sibling has been very challenging for my son.  Which brings me to one very special sibling who has overcome so much.  He is sharing with the world his insight and experience hoping to impact those who have lost a sibling.

Zander Sprague is a speaker,  life coach and author. His book is internationally acclaimed and has had a positive impact for thousands by helping them navigate through their grief in a positive way.

I had the privilege for meeting Zander Sprague as we shared a table at the Bereaved Parents of the USA national gathering last summer.  Let me tell you, this man is one that can move mountains with his motivation and inspiration.  His positive energy fills the room wherever he is and you can’t help but smile.

Zander Sprague

and his book….


Book Making Lemonade by Xander Sprague
Making Lemonade

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