Hi friends….

I took a few days off to enjoy family and friends during Christmas, which was nice, yet proving a bit challenging to get back into the swing of things.  My days were filled with adventure and excitement, from roasting hot dogs in the snow to rescuing a teddy bear being flushed down the toilet.  It continued to include watching the Grinch for the tenth time in a row and nursing sick children for days….somehow, I kept going…  And finally, among my most difficult tasks was dodging and diverting the questions regarding the authenticity of the tooth fairy and Santa Claus…But most importantly I prevailed!  But now it’s time to start the New Year…

Although I haven’t told you lately, I have been thinking about you; all of my new followers and those who have been with me from the start along this difficult journey.  We are all here for a reason, whether it is to connect, share, or find that little piece of hope that you have been longing for. I’m grateful for you all.

With the end of a year coming and a new one beginning, it can be a difficult time for many.  Six years ago, I felt the despair and hopelessness as the first New Year came around after Lydia died. Seeing the New Year terrified me, not wanting time to move on as for me, my life had stopped five months earlier.  It’s so very painful.  So those new in your grief and those who have been here for a while, stuck or moving forward, we are in this together.

I’m here to tell you, it’s not the end and you WILL make it through.  Just believe…


New beginnings 2015

Grieving Gumdrops: The Sweeter Side Of Grief     (and yes, eventually, we will all find the sweeter side)

Please join me in 2015 and let’s find the sweeter side of your grief together this year… (Hint: It’s all about Hope & Memories)


6 thoughts on “Hope and Memories in 2015

  1. I feel so blessed to be on this journey with you. God never said we would not hurt and feel loss and sorrow. He just said that He would surround us with angels and His powerful presence and never let us go.

    Praying for a happy new year and look forward to continuing our journey together.

    Peace and love to you!

    1. Oh thank you dear! Your words are very true. Through our loss and sorrows, God is with us along whatever struggles life brings our way. I am thankful for such inspirational people like you to share this journey! Happy New Year. Much love and blessings to you this year!

  2. Hello,
    I am so glad I found you through another angel Mom on fb.
    Anytime I find someone to share my grief with that I know really truly understands is a blessing 😇 My first experience with losing a loved one was when I lost my Dad in Feb 1999. Then I my son Tommy (19) ,a good friend and my Mother all within five days of each other in Jan 2011. I lost my Mom Feb 1st. This year I my so angel Tommy had a very good friend join him in Heaven, my oldest son lost a best friend and I lost my brother 😦
    I have learned that sometimes you never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice ! I am rambling …. Just wanted to indtroducd myself and let ya know that I am looking forward to your emails 😄

    1. Hi Sherri! I’m so glad you found me too. I’m so very sorry for the loss of your son, father and mother and brother. You are so right..You never know how strong you are until it is the only choice you have. And you my dear are an inspiration for having endured so much and still able to share your story. It is an honor to meet you and you are right, it is absolutely a blessing when we can connect with others who really understand. Many blessings to you this year.

    1. Thanks Gale! Happy New Year to you too! Prayers for abundant blessings for you this year and may your words continue to bless so many others as well.

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