I’ve been working on some blog posts, but it has definitely been challenging to finish them due to the crazy days I experience. I’m also trying to pack for our trip tomorrow, but with no success.  Here’s a snapshot into today which is just like any normal day!

It started early in the morning…got out of bed, walked to the porch to get some wood when I smelled something not too pleasing, looked but couldn’t find the source, then suddenly felt my sock squish into a little surprise my adorable dog had left… It was awful..I think grandma forgot she’s only allowed dry food!


Came back in, started a load of laundry, made breakfast for the kids,(ended up with a heart-shaped sausage which was fun),  did some cleaning and walked back into the living room, minding my own business and stepped directly on an upside down baby dinosaur sending a sharp pain right through the center of my foot.  It seems the two-year old had emptied the basket of plastic animals while I was out of the room…. After wanting to scream with anguish and frustration, I took a deep breath, telling myself..”it’s gonna be okay, not the end of the world…,”  but seriously…it felt like it was….


And then, lunch time. I made macaroni and cheese for the kids and of course I lost the cheese packet…no clue where it went, so plain noodles and butter it was….(thank goodness my kids are so accepting!)

After lunch my daughter and I made chocolate chip cookies….The first batch was perfect and without fail, the second batch not so much…quite crispy and a beautiful shade of dark brown, as I got side tracked and forgot about them….

Finally, right before dark, I was summoned to the garage to extract a shoe that flew off in an attempt to drop kick a soccer ball, landing directly in the center of the roof…..I’m so thankful for strong kids and sturdy ladders….

And then it gets better…I’m so tired I didn’t realize I pushed publish instead of save draft on this blog post when it wasn’t finished!  Aww man.. Lol!..Sorry if it shows up twice..happens to the best of us!     🙂

“Life is good today!” -Zac Brown Band    🙂


So, now onto our great weekend to bring some joy to children in need!  Remembering Lydia and throwing some birthday parties always brings a smile to my face, leaving the stress and chaos behind!



May you all have a peaceful weekend….



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