The conversations at bed time are some of the best. It was a few short minutes earlier when they were cranky, mouthy and resisting the much-needed routine pillow time. However, once snuggled under the covers and relaxed, they transform into loving souls that often elicit very meaningful dialogue. Last night, it began with the movie Jaws as the kids were intrigued with such a powerful fish. Slowly their words transformed into the tooth fairy and her magical powers which slowly morphed into bible verses and then led to the world of wonderful stuffed animals. Oh how I love bed time. I never know what they will bring up. The conversations are always sincere and fun. Suddenly, it became quiet and then he said…..

“Mom, remember the lady that gave me that teddy bear at the accident?” softly says the ten-year old.

“The police officer?” I asked.

“Yes, the blonde one, I love the bear she gave me,” as he lay clutching this fingers around the brown furry animal.

“And remember that lady that was first one there who stopped to help us? She was so nice.” He said intently.

“Yes, I remember her being there but do not remember what she looks like or what her name was. I wish I did” I replied as I swallowed the lump in my throat thinking, this kid is something else. It’s nearly seven years later and he remembers almost everything. My memory, while fairly intact, pieces of that day still remain a mystery.

It just takes a minute to bring us back to a place we have tried so hard keep locked in a tiny box in the back of our minds.

Oh my son, if I could take away all those painful memories, I wouldn’t think twice. Hearing you speak and talk so deeply and sincerely about this life changing day brings me to tears. You are brave, you are strong, even though your innocence and sense of security was shattered when you were just a little boy. It has taken years to slowly rebuild what never should have been destroyed in the first place. Years of you slowly opening your heart, talking of those events as your mind tries to put the fragments of your past life and future together, scrambling to make sense of the senseless.

Memories, no matter how brief make a lasting impact. You are one amazing kid.


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