First, a glimpse into my life yesterday evening..

It started with two little ones giggling loudly while running laps around house in their underwear. Another was riding Clarke the stick horse rapidly in circles and the redhead was holding a pink stuffed dog chasing the kid on the horse while barking. Then, I heard a loud thump and looked over just in time to watch my daughter fall face first out of the chair.  The laughing and crying pierced my ears. All the while in the background, I hear my oldest yell, “Can I watch a video on how to make a baby?”  Excuse me, what?  Oh my gosh…Didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at it all!  Can you say bed time?  I think so!!!
Evidence of a good time, (I think! 😉

As a result of my exhaustion, today I wake up to a trashed house..crayons, markers, and papers scattered about, colorful writing on the walls and couches, cups thrown into the plant, top it off dirty clothes all over the floor..guess it was a fun night!  How does this stuff happen so fast?  And to think, I had the house clean just a couple of hours before… Never fails to surprise me how quickly the place can go from one extreme to the other.

This morning, as I sat up in bed, I glanced over on the nightstand and see this…my beautiful girl smiling at me…the oldest child with four siblings who love and honor her….how could I not have a good day? Forget the trashed house.  I have five beautiful children that I have been blessed to call mom and I can clean!  Thank you God!!

Looking at Lydia’s picture, I was reminded of the verse Matthew 19:14.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”


The exact verse that was on her baptism banner my aunt had made when she was eight months old, something I just realized months ago.  Yet another sign?  Five years later, yes, the kingdom does belong to children such as these and what an amazing place it must be.  Oh how I miss you my beautiful daughter.

There used to be a time where the chaos would overwhelm me and bring me down to the depths of grief, making me feel helpless.  However, by learning to recognize my blessings and giving thanks to what God has given me, has turned that around.

So once again, I embrace the craziness I know the day will bring and count my blessings.  How about you? What little blessings have you found today?

4 thoughts on “Learning To Recognize Joy In Chaos

  1. So lovely when we can find gratitude! I’m so sorry for the loss if your daughter. Its been just over two years since my daughter Elizabeth died, and I still have times I cant feel grateful, though I always know I have so much to be grateful for. Finding joy in the simple pleasures is so wonderful!

    1. What a precious daughter you have. I’m so sorry that we share this grief. You have given her a wonderful tribute. Your blog is beautiful. Two years and it’s still so new. It has helped me to appreciate the little things and realize how blessed I have been, even though at six years, there are still tough times. May God’s grace bring you peace.

  2. My son died at the age of 21….. He told me that a house was made to live in. So, to this day I’m not so anal about everything being in its space! He was right…live life and be happy!

    1. So sorry about your son. But he was so right with his words, a house is made to live in! 🙂 Wise young man.. So many could benefit from those words, “Live life and be happy!” It didn’t take me long after Lydia died to realize this.. Thank you so much for sharing.

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