Unpacking Memories, Dreaded Days, and Crazy Critters

Feeling overwhelmed this week, I are reminded that I too am vulnerable, as I succumbed to my stubbornness and had to face the reality of my feelings. It became evident that I am not immune to runaway emotions and found myself engulfed by memories of the past and present. Moving into our new house is… Read More

Ballerinas, Buttered Fingers, and God’s Witnesses

Chaos Corner- We had just finished dinner and I was doing the dishes when my adorable toddler came up behind me grabbing my leg, painting my pants with two giant handfuls of butter, smiling as he squished the slimy substance through his fingers like mud. Not a minute later, my daughter came flying into the… Read More

Life, Love and Beautiful Baby Animals

In addition to finding my daughter in the bathroom painting herself with peanut butter, this week has brought many laughs and lessons on love.  The children got hands on experiences in mothering as well as lessons in life and the power of love. Finding a little hungry kitten in the woodshed, we became a temporary… Read More

The Day My Daughter Died-The Blessing of a Nurse

While getting ready to take my boys to baseball practice, I loaded the four kids in the car and then quickly ran back into the house to feed the dog and grab my purse. Gone less than a minute, I came back out to the car to find this.   She had gotten into a… Read More