To the countless dads on Father’s Day, living with part of their hearts in heaven

You are often the forgotten ones, but we see you

The ones who couldn’t wait to be fathers, pacing in the delivery room

The ones who rocked their babies to sleep and taught them how to ride without training wheels

The ones who laughed often and took their children on outdoor adventures and indoor campouts

The ones who cheered their children on from the stands

The ones who looked forward to playing games, reading, and eating ice cream together

The ones who fixed boo boos, protected and cherished the ones who held their heart

The ones who now shed buckets of tears in quiet moments alone

The ones that desperately miss the giggles, smiles and warm embrace of their children

The ones who scream in silence, as this new life could not possibly be their reality

The ones that try to catch their breath when those memories return suddenly without notice  

The ones who wear the stoic front because they feel they have to, just because they’re men

The ones who try to comfort others when they really need someone to comfort them

The ones whose souls ache, longing to rewind time and have one more day together

The ones who grapple with guilt, begging God for answers and strength

The ones that are yearning to fill that void in their heart, knowing it can never be fixed

The ones that carry on every day, wishing, waiting, anticipating the reunion with their children

The ones who have lost themselves and are trying to find their way back to life

The ones who have lived days and years, with pain tucked deep inside, not knowing what to do, yet they courageously keep going

We see you. 

Grieving dads. Your strength is immeasurable. The bonds with your children unbreakable. 

Know you are not alone.  You are strong and so loved. 

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