I’m always in the mood for a good party. But here’s a very special lady who has revamped the party industry by putting a new spin on life.

My friend  Debbie and I met not long ago in a miraculous way. After a brief exchange, I found that she too has been deeply affected by loss.  After losing four of her friends to cancer in just four months, she made the decision to celebrate her friends, in lieu of living in a dark place.

What did she do?  Well, I can’t sum it all up, but here’s a sneak peek.  She has used her talents and creative side to create a website to bring people together.  After seeing the joy her family brings during holidays and get togethers, she wanted others to be able to join in the fun.


Her goal is to unite people face to face for a gathering, party, reunion, etc.  By  getting people focused on fun, real live fun, where there is no time for smart phones or internet, those that partake will travel back in time and experience some fabulous old-fashioned good times.  By suggesting music, games, activities, food, and more, “Your Party Tuned Up,” is a breath of fresh air that encourages visitors to “unplug” and enjoy those right next to you, without all the distractions of today’s technology.

In memory of her four friends, knowing that they would want their lives to be celebrated and remembering how they loved parties, what a magical way to honor the lives of these dear loved ones!

Thank you Debbie.You are an inspiration and have definitely found the “Sweeter Side!”

Go on over and pay her site a visit……  http://www.yourpartytunedup.com/   and do a “Deliberate Act of Friendship” in memory of someone you’ve lost to cancer.


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