rachels gift 3

No presents,  no party.  All she wanted for her 9th birthday was to raise $300 towards supplying clean water to those in need.  

You may have heard this story and it is one worth retelling! I am in awe of Rachel and the work God has done through her and thousands of others.. A girl not wanting presents, but clean water for those less fortunate.

.As a result, donations poured in from numerous countries and thousands of people cross the world, all deeply touched by her generosity.

Who knew that her simple wish would have such a huge impact on the world in a multitude of ways.

Check out these figures-

According to the organization, Charity Water, $1,265,823 was raised through Rachel’s 9th birthday wish campaign which gave  37,770 people access to  clean water.

143 Water projects were built

31,997  Donations were made by people all around the world.

This is the wish that keeps on giving.   Not only did she help provide access to clean water, this one beautiful life has impacted millions by providing hope and inspiration and showed the world that one life can make a difference.


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